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Welcome to MerchantPro Express TEXAS, an independent merchant services brokerage company. We provide secure credit card processing systems, payment gateways, analytics, apps, payroll, and equipment that allows you more freedom to run your business. Our clients are located in the greater Houston, TX area, and throughout the United States. 


Find out how we can help your business run smoother.


Full-Service Merchant Services Expertise

When it comes to merchant services and payment processing, we are the experts. Our independent merchant service brokers have a combined experience of over three decades. Whatever your business is or does–high-risk or low-risk–we have the processing power, expertise, technology, and connections to help it grow. 









Official Clover POS Systems Partner 

As an Official Clover® POS Systems Partner, MerchantPro Express TEXAS provides expertise, support, sales, and knowledge for all Clover Point-of-Sale systems and products: Clover Station, Clover Station Pro, Clover Mini, Clover Go, Clover Flex, and all other Clover and related devices. Clover is the leader in technologically advanced POS systems. It provides online ordering, reporting, employee management/scheduling, apps, faster payments, gift cards, loyalty programs, financial solutions, customer engagement and marketing, virtual terminal, and fraud deterrent features - beyond any other systems on the market. 


Credit Card Processing for All

Our services benefit all types of businesses and range from private, small businesses to large national franchises. We process payments for all industry types and all levels of
processing volume, including:

✔︎ eCommerce websites & shopping sites.
✔︎ Medical (offices, buildings, services, & suppliers).
✔︎ Mobile apps.
✔︎ Gas stations & convenience stores.
✔︎ Car washes.
✔︎ Business-to-business.
✔︎ Business-to-consumer.
✔︎ Home-based businesses.
✔︎ Professional trades & contractors.
✔︎ Car repair, dealerships & automotive groups.
✔︎ Grocery stores & food delivery services.
✔︎ Non-profits & charities.
✔︎ Retailers.
✔︎ Restaurants, fast food, & food trucks.
✔︎ Hotels & hospitality venues.
✔︎ Tradeshows, festivals, concerts, & events.




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* On average, our customers save up to 50% ($1,000-$50,000) on credit card processing fees annually, depending on business and industry type.

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